Holding a photograph in your hand freezes a moment in time.  One that has passed, but still remains - a moment that will never be forgotten, but cherished forever. 

At Trayce Gregoire Photography, we specialize in your memories.  We start with a personal consultation to get to know you and your needs so that we can see if we are a good fit for you and, if so, work together to create your vision.  Your session will be fun and relaxed and will be tailored to combine our unique style with your personality.  Our goal is seeing a vision to an end result - whether that is a beautiful creation to hang in your home, hold in your hands, or give as a gift to be cherished forever.

After your session, we will schedule a time to view your images, touch and feel product samples, and place your order.  We will walk you through the entire process including helping to choose the right sized wall portraits for your home.  

All portraits are professionally retouched and are archival, photographic prints.  These are real photographs; not inkjet prints.  Gift prints start at $65, while wall portraits start at $105.  Clients interested in gift prints typically invest $400 - $800.  Clients interested in wall portraits or specialty products typically invest $1200 - $2500.  Please see "Sessions" tab for more information about specific session types.  A full price list will be provided at your personal consultation.

If needed, we offer custom payment plans so that you can budget for your portraits over time.  Our satisfaction guarantee ensures you will be happy with your results.